The Advanced Energy Performance Conference


The Challenge:

Office buildings account for the highest total energy consumption within the building sector. Over 70% of U.S. office buildings were built prior to 1990 and have reached the age to adapt or retrofit according to new standards. Even newer buildings offer the opportunity to realize energy savings. The office sector has large potential for energy efficiency improvements and energy savings, which presents a unique opportunity for a positive impact within the real estate community.

The Immediate Need:

Integrating energy performance goals with strategies for real estate assets is a challenge for which real estate professionals must be ready. They will increasingly need to integrate new and disparate skill sets into their repertoires, to address questions such as: How does our team integrate benefits from energy efficiency investments – beyond simple cost savings – into valuations and underwriting? If energy expenses are only a small part of operating expenses, what’s the extent of their strategic value? How do we work with tenants to realize equitable distribution of savings and returns to investment? How do we bring forward the right projects in ways that are readily financeable?

Meeting the Challenge:

This conference will address next-level energy performance, finance and retrofit strategies for real estate professionals to develop and execute in today’s market environment. Topics will focus on increasing asset value, decreasing operational costs, ensuring regulatory compliance, reducing environmental impact and repositioning assets in a challenging real estate market – within the context of energy efficiency improvements, upgrades and retrofits. Among the topics industry experts will address are:

  • Property & Asset Management
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Leasing and Brokerage
  • Energy Management
  • ISO 50001 and ISO 55000
  • Tax, Legal and Accounting
  • Staff Education
  • Risk Mitigation

Throughout the conference, we will be discussing pertinent issues to help participants identify ways to make energy investment decisions and communicate the surety of energy savings through retrofits and capital improvements.

This conference includes the following CEUs.

  • ASHRAE ACE (4 hours for Commissioning Process Management and Building Energy Assessment Professional Certifications)
  • BOMI (4 hours for Asset Management, Commercial Property and Facility Management Systems)

Conference Chairs

Michael Bobker

Director, CUNY Building Performance Lab

Jack S. Nyman

Director, Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute, Baruch College, CUNY

Conference Speakers

Kevin Settlemyre

President, Sustainable IQ

Scott Frank

Partner, Jaros Baum & Bolles

Laurie Kerr

Senior Policy Advisor, NYC Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability

Greg Hale

Senior Financial Policy Specialist, NRDC's Center for Market Innovation

Paul Reale

Special Consultant, PlaNYC Energy Aligned Clause

Rob Watson

Chairman, CEO and Chief Scientist, EcoTech International